The garden is in bloom! We hope the garden inspires visitors in unimaginable ways. This is an art work, but it is made of flowers. You can use flowers, plants, roots, and nuts to permanently color natural materials. We hope this is only the beginning. 

Karen Bryant of Bloomin' For You Garden Design Service designed the the garden.   

Special thanks for Rowland Ricketts of Ricketts Indigo for providing us with two wonderful indigo plants. 

Mees Tile provided lots of needed advice for the mosaics. 

Please share your public pics with #thepaintboxatnoco


Jeffersonville introduces art market, public garden

Public Garden planned for downtown Jeffersonville

The Paint Box started with an idea Tammy Burke, one of the artists at the NoCo Arts Center, had while walking her dog around the grounds in summer of 2020. 

A garden at an arts center could be purposeful. It could teach as well as be a visual delight. Having done projects with students using color theory, she decided that a garden planted with just the primary colors could be stunning and show how optics work, when the eye mixes the primaries together to create secondary colors.

Burke reached out to Bob Hill for a consultation in September, who has been gung ho about the project from the start. Bob brought in flower gardener, Karen Bryant, owner of Bloomin' For You, to thoughtfully design the garden based on the color theory concept.

After months of planning, visualizing, figuring, and designing, the plan is going to happen this spring.