It's here!

We have nearly completed the garden. It is even more spectacular than I imagined. The cones you see are holding place for 6 large mosaic discs that will lead visitors between the alley side and the story telling area toward the street side of the water tank. It is really  sight and has been such a labor of love for several of us. The dedication will be Saturday, July 10. Stay tuned for mosaic pics!

The Paint Box color theory garden coming to Jeffersonville, Indiana

Spring 2021

With such visual development that has taken place at the NoCo Arts Center, a garden is a next logical and achievable step. This garden will include special plants to signal an unusualness of place and imagination. A garden teaches, engages, has needs, but is also independent. Plants are for everyone. 

The back alley is a sort of secret place, and another entry point to the marketplace area at NoCo. The proposed garden will provide not only enchantment and wonder to visitors, but opportunities to learn about dyeing processes. Some of the plants have been chosen specifically for their dyeing capabilities: madder, (red), coreopsis, (yellow), and indigo, (blue). 

628 Michigan Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130